About Us


The Hatchery is an experiential entrepreneurship initiative within the Tyler School of Art Graphic & Interactive Design program. Its goal is to empower student designers to build their own business by turning their projects into real products.

Our online shop is student-run and overseen by the director of The Hatchery. It's a way for students to exhibit and sell their work and provides experience with e-commerce sales, marketing, and fulfillment. We will be featuring some perennial products and a rotation of new ones each semester. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates. 

What is a design entrepreneur?

A design entrepreneur is a graphic designer who creates a product, manages production, and ultimately builds a business around it. They are their own client selling their own intellectual property.

But why design and entrepreneurship?

Designers are uniquely equipped to create products that are both produceable (feasibility) and desirable (viability). We don't just make pretty pictures—a large part of being a graphic designer is figuring out how to produce, package, market, sell and ship products for clients in addition to the actual design. A trained designer is only steps away from being an entrepreneur.

The Hatchery & student designers

Our students routinely come up with brilliant ideas—beautifully executed, naturally—through their regular coursework. These ideas help them land a job, but end up locked away in a portfolio. The Hatchery aims to provide the education and tools necessary to build a business around a well-designed idea.